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A Little Bit About Who I Am


For as long as I can remember, I have always loved creating things – especially things that had moving parts. Fond are my childhood memories of spending countless hours playing with Crayola Crayons, Legos, Play Dough, and Robotix. As I got older and my childhood began to slowly fade away, my passion for creating never did. Instead of notebook sketches, doodles, and the “holy trinity” of my creative childhood (Legos, Lincoln Logs, and Robotix), I began to take joy in creating things for school projects, science fairs, and family members. I even developed an interest for creating music as well, and taught myself how to play the guitar at age 13.

Years passed, and I found myself in college creating flyers, business cards, and other items for a small advertising business I started. With all my creativity though, I lacked the knowledge of knowing how to create websites. For years I wanted to know how, but it seemed like a dream that was always out of my reach. With a passion for creating and determination in my heart, over the next several years I began slowly teaching myself how to design websites, and by doing so, reached the dream that had been unattainable. It only fueled my passion to create even the more, and became the catalyst that led me to pursue a career in Graphic and Web Design.

As I hold to the experiences of my past and look forward to the future, it is my desire to show through my passion, creativity, and enthusiasm for design, the vast riches and treasures of imagination and inspiration – and to let others know, that with a little hope and determination, anything is possible!


Although most days it feels like designing is all I do, I find plenty of other things to occupy my time as well. I’m a family man at heart, and time with my wife and daughter are always at the top of the list! We’ve recently moved from St. Louis, MO where my wife is from, back to Kings Mountain, NC where I am from. While in St. Louis, I had the honor or working for one of the largest non-profit organizations on the earth – Joyce Meyer Ministries. For the ministry I was in charge of handling and routing all the Technical Service Requests for the ministry’s national and international offices.

In St. Louis, I also worked full time as a Graphic Designer and Web Designer for Faith Church, one of the largest and fastest growing churches in America. My time there found me creating many types of designs, from social media graphics all the way up to billboards and stage set designs.

While in St. Louis I also had the opportunity to work for Scottrade, offering customer support for it’s clients, as well as a local wedding chapel. As a licensed and ordained minister, at the chapel I performed close to 100 weddings for couples in the city, and got to know many people in the community by working in this capacity. It was lots of fun!

Now that I’m back home in North Carolina, I’m working exclusively as a free lance designer. I recently finished a design project for FORD Motor Company, creating them a new website design for a new campaign they were launching. I also stay quite active as a father to a 6 year old princess, and as a husband to a beautiful and amazing wife of 11 years. To me there’s nothing better than family time!

Coffee is my best friend most days, and I also love to play the guitar and write songs. You can generally find me rocking out to groups like Disciple, Pillar, and Thousand Foot Krutch when I get the chance. I enjoy reading and watching sci-fi movies as well, and am a complete nut for treasure adventure stories and films!

Needless to say, with all of the things I’ve mentioned, design is definitely not all I do. I’m grateful for every God-given minute I’ve been given, and will always strive to find creative and positive ways to fill those minutes up!


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