Project Information

Each year, the women’s ministry I AM WOMAN host one of the biggest Women’s Conferences in the country.  BPATTS has been blessed to be able to create the conference sites and help with branding for these amazing events.

The 2018 Conference is called RISE.  For this event, BPATTS once again tackled with joy the task of creating a modern and catchy site, utilizing the branding of the conference.  We did so, and created a beautiful site full of custom graphics that was extremely mobile friendly and easy for attendees to get registered.  I AM WOMAN loved the site and it’s design, and it’s become on of BPATTS favorites as well!

* Nicole Crank, a distinguished speaker, leader, pastor, and preacher – is founder of the nationally known women’s ministry I Am Woman.  BPATTS also created her site, so be sure to check it out as well!

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