Introducing the best referral program… EVER.

Receive up to $300 for every paying referral.

BPATTS - Referral Rewards Cards

Drop The Mic.

How The Referral Program Works

Nothing says thank you more than a good referral.  We value that here at BPATTS and want to reward you for sharing us with others.  That’s why we developed what we believe to be the best referral rewards program… EVER.


1)  Tell someone to get their website, hosting, review management, or branding solutions done by yours truly – BPATTS.

2)  If the customer spends at least $500 on their project with us, then you get a cash reward.

3)  The reward is a generous 5% of the total cost of your referral’s project with us.

It’s just that easy!!!  And this goes for every qualifying referral you send us.  So what are you waiting for?  Start sharing BPATTS with those you know and start earning your rewards today!

* The maximum payout amount for a single cash referral reward is $300.

** Cash reward payouts are provided as prepaid Visa gift cards.

Want us to contact someone you know who needs our services? Simply fill out the referral form below or shoot us an email with their contact info, and we’ll be sure to reach out to them!

Client Referral Form

Don’t forget to tell your referral to visit to get started with their free 30 minute consultation call!