Dropping Off Your Files

Send Us Any Files You'd Like To Use

Need To Send Us Some Big Files?

Let us do the heavy lifting.

Most projects will utilize specific files like logos, photos, text documents, video files, and more.  A lot of times these files may be too big to send via traditional email.  For files that exceed the limits imposed by email, you may use the file uploader below to send us any files you’d like to incorporate into your design project.

To upload your files, simply drag and drop them into the upload area below,  You may also click “Select Files” to upload as well.  Once files have been selected, Click “Start Uploading Files”.  Be sure to keep to leave the page open until the files have completed uploaded.  If sending lots of files, please compress them into a single ZIP file before sending.

** If you have any problems using the file upload tool, then please contact us and we will help you get your files sent over.